At #LC4W, we are passionate about advocating reproductive healthcare rights and strive to provide compassionate guidance through all the steps of the medication abortion process.

Our services take a holistic approach to medication abortion by including:

  • Prescription of the abortion pill through a licensed physician
  • Post-abortion mental health care
  • Crisis hotline, available 24/7

We are committed to protecting your privacy and comfort through this emotionally complex journey.

Abortion Pill

At #LC4W, we believe in universal access to abortion care, regardless of gender identity. A medication abortion is a safe and common procedure performed to interrupt a pregnancy that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Our abortion pill service will guide you through every step, offering medical advice through a licensed physician, easy access to the medication, and regular follow-up care for any question or issue you may have.

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Post-Abortion Mental Health Care

Post-abortion mental health care is a vital aspect of women's healthcare that offers support, understanding, and healing for those who have undergone an abortion. This is a compassionate form of care that acknowledges the emotional journey following an abortion.

Our post-abortion mental health care is an essential resource to help you find strength, resilience, and a path toward emotional well-being.

No matter the circumstances in which it may occur, abortion affects each individual differently. While some people may find relief right after the procedure, others may need guidance to help process their feelings.

Receiving support via post-abortion mental health care is as important as having access to reproductive healthcare. At #LC4W, we want to be a source of support for you at every step.

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Mental Health Crisis Hotline

Our mental health crisis hotline is entirely confidential, safe, free, and available 24/7, every day of the year. At #LC4W, we offer support to anyone dealing with the emotional complexities of abortion, abuse, rape, incest or sex trafficking.

If you or a loved one is facing mental health issues related to any of these situations, you can trust that our compassionate team is here to listen and offer judgment-free support.

Your background, sexual orientation, gender identity, or location has no bearing on the quality of the commitment we promise. Our crisis hotline is available to anyone who needs help.

We are here for you whenever you are ready to talk.

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Access Abortion Care with #LC4W

Medication abortion is a safe and effective option for all people with reproductive organs seeking to end a pregnancy in its early stages. 

At #LC4W, we provide you with easy access to abortion medication care, including issuing the prescription, post-abortion mental health care, and a crisis hotline available 24/7. 

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The clinical services offered through this website are provided by AB Telemedicine Care, LLC, an independent, physician-owned entity, and are delivered by licensed providers.
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