Post-Abortion Mental Health Care

Post-abortion mental health care is a vital aspect of women's healthcare that offers support, understanding, and healing for those who have undergone an abortion. This is a compassionate form of care that acknowledges the emotional journey following an abortion.

Our post-abortion mental health care is an essential resource to help you find strength, resilience, and a path toward emotional well-being. 

No matter the circumstances in which it may occur, abortion affects each individual differently. While some people may find relief right after the procedure, others may need guidance to help process their feelings. 

Receiving support via post-abortion mental health care is as important as having access to reproductive healthcare. At #LC4W, we want to be a source of support for you at every step. 

Psychological Aspects of Abortion

An abortion can involve medical, emotional, social, and psychological aspects.

While research shows that obtaining a wanted abortion does not increase the risk of mental health concerns, you may experience sadness or anger after the procedure.

If you have gone through an abortion and have unresolved feelings about it, even if they appear weeks or months later, mental health counseling could help you better understand them. 

Defining Post-Abortion Mental Health Care

Post-abortion mental health care is professional guidance offered by trained counselors to those who have had an abortion. Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, counseling should:

  • Be provided by professional counselors or psychologists
  • Provide a non-stigmatizing and compassionate space for you to share your experiences and feelings
  • Be completely confidential
  • Help you process any residual, unaddressed emotions 

What Post-Abortion Mental Health Care Isn’t

While you may know what your counseling sessions should be like, it is also essential to understand what your post-abortion mental health care should not be like.

At no point should your counselor ever make you feel ashamed of your choice or discourage you from making decisions about your future - whether it is about desiring children or undergoing another abortion.

Professional, judgment-free counseling should not impose a moral or religious viewpoint on you. In fact, it should always respect the ideals you believe in and whatever circumstances led you to decide to get an abortion.

Ideal Candidates for Post-Abortion Mental Health Care

If you have undergone an abortion and are dealing with feelings of sadness, guilt, solitude, regret, or shame, you may find guided counseling to be helpful. It is also important to consider mental health care if you experienced your abortion under challenging circumstances, such as medical complications or distress, or if you suffered from discrimination because of your choice. 

Proper counseling can help you navigate these complex feelings to understand why they arise and how to overcome them. It can also help you make peace with your decision and process any changes it may have brought on in your personal relationships. 

Post-Abortion Mental Health Care with #LC4W

As an organization led by women who have personally experienced abortion, we understand the emotional nuances of the experience. We also recognize that every person’s experience is personal and unique.

At #LC4W, our commitment to compassionate care extends to post-abortion mental health support. We provide a safe and empathetic space for you to navigate the emotional aspects of this journey.

Specialized Care

Our professional counselors have extensive experience dealing with complex situations and can help you process your feelings. We offer compassionate support for victims of sexual abuse, rape, or incest to help them heal, find strength, and move forward with understanding and resilience.

Know that you are not alone in this process. Let us help you recover your well-being to start a new chapter in your life. 

Your Partner on the Road to Recovery

#LC4W offers accessible, confidential, and  expert post-abortion mental health services, including professional counseling and a crisis hotline available 24/7.

We will be your steadfast partners in your journey to emotional well-being.

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