Our Process

At #LC4W, we strive to make abortion care accessible for everyone with reproductive health needs. Our three-step process allows you to easily access abortion medication, educational resources, and mental health care during this process.

As an organization founded by women who’ve faced abortion care, we personally understand the concerns that come up during this process. Our approach at #LC4W is based on this experience. 

Your well-being is our priority and we take care to:

  • Protect your information
  • Supply your medication quickly and efficiently
  • Offer access to valuable educational resources
  • Guide you through every step by addressing any questions or issues 

Our Three-Step Process

The First Step

As a first step, we ask that you complete our short intake process. This provides us with your contact information, basic demographic data, and your medical history. Knowing more about you helps us understand your case better.

Once you’ve provided us with the requested information, your request needs to be assessed by a Massachusetts-licensed physician. The physician determines whether you are medically eligible for a medication abortion. You need this medical approval before any next steps can be taken. 

The Second Step

Once our physician medically approves the procedure, they will write you a prescription for your FDA-approved medication abortion pills. At this point, you’ll be able to pay for your medication and shipping.

Our payment options include credit and debit card options as well as PayPal’s Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) feature. 

The Final Step

Once your payment is processed, your FDA-approved abortion pills will arrive at your doorstep within 72 hours. It will be accompanied by clear information on how to take the pills. Additionally, our team is available 24/7 to support you through the process and beyond.

We ensure your comfort during the whole procedure by guiding you through each step with care and respect.

Post-Abortion Care

We offer a holistic approach to medication abortion. Our goal is to protect your well-being at every stage of this process.

In addition to making the medication available to you, we also offer comprehensive post-abortion mental health care, including a crisis hotline that is available 24/7.

We’re committed to providing you with all the support and guidance you need once you’ve completed the process. 

Know If You Are Eligible

At #LC4W, we believe in equal access to reproductive healthcare, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Our goal is to make abortion care an open and accessible process for anyone who wants to terminate a pregnancy at an early stage.

You are eligible for a medication abortion process if you:

  • Are 11 weeks pregnant or less
  • Are 18 years old or have consent from a parent
  • Have received medical approval for a medication abortion from our licensed physician 

Protecting Your Privacy and Comfort with #LC4W

Opting to undergo an abortion is a choice that belongs only to you. Your privacy and comfort will always be protected when you choose #LC4W as your partner in this journey. 

Once you’ve completed the payment process, the medication will arrive in a plain and discreet package. We will follow up with you to ensure it was successfully delivered. 

We are committed to ensuring you feel seen, heard, and respected throughout this journey.

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