A Comprehensive Guide to Recognizing Symptoms of Pregnancy After Sexual Activity
The possibility of pregnancy after sexual activity is a common thought that may crop up for couples. Recognizing early symptoms of pregnancy can be key to making informed decisions about your reproductive health.
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The Magic Bullet: Understanding How the Abortion Pill Works
Did you know that terminating a pregnancy using medication, often called a medication abortion, is safe, efficient, and quite common? Surprisingly, The Guttmacher Institute states that over half of all abortions in the US are medication abortions.
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Abortion Pills: How Much Do They Cost and Why?
Since a medication abortion can be done without visiting an in-person clinic, it is significantly cheaper than a surgical procedure. Although you may only have to cover the cost of the abortion pill, you should prepare yourself for unexpected expenses.
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Can you get pregnant again after having an abortion?
Misinformation stigmatizes and confuses those who desire to take control of their reproductive health. One of the most common myths states that you can lose the ability to get pregnant after having an abortion. However, the fact is that research has clearly shown that there is no direct correlation between abortions and complications for future pregnancies.
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Counting the Days: Understanding Why My Period Is Late
Anxiety can take up a lot of space in our minds whenever a period is missing or late. Pregnancy is the first thing most people think about in the case of a missing or late period. However, the fact is that while pregnancy could be a reason for the delay, it is only one possibility.
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When is it Safe to Have Sex After an Abortion
Recovery after an abortion is a deeply personal journey, one that goes beyond the physical healing process.
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How Do I Know If I'm Pregnant
Each person's journey navigating the complexities of fertility and well-being is uniquely their own, marked by individual choices and considerations.
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Why Abortion Access Matters Even for People Who Want to be Pregnant
The abortion process and access to it are often viewed with a limited perspective - preventing or terminating pregnancies.
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What is Plan C - and is it the same as Plan B?
Understanding the spectrum of options available for your reproductive decisions is a crucial part of exercising autonomy for your body and health.
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